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SARBON TOUR offers to tourists the high class service, the unforgettable individual journeys, exclusive and comfortable tours. We offer our journeys for the individual tourists, the small groups of friends and for the large group tourist. We guaranty cars and buses everywhere at your disposal. If your journey will pass beyond the bounders of Uzbekistan, we will offer additional services to you. Sarbon tour will do its best to organize your journey according to your desire.
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National holiday Navruz in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan - country rich in traditions and holidays. One of the holidays is called Navruz that in transfer indicates - the new day. Navruz is celebrated on the 21 of March. In Uzbekistan Navruz is especially noted by people traditions and customs, which were formed through the thousands of years.
“Sarbon-Tour” invites you to the national holiday Navruz where take place traditional folklore shows and Kupkari (competition of horse –riders) which reminds the game polo, but it requires of participants in the game hardness, courage and adroitness.
Culture and Historical Tour
The republic of Uzbekistan (447.000 km2) is located in the desert regions of central Asia. In 1991 Uzbekistan declared about its independence.

Nature of Uzbekistan
All the peoples consider spring the time of revival, renewal, great expectations and hopes.

Festivals & Holidays Tours
we organize meetings with the specialists, for example, with the scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Hotels
How long have you dreamed about discovering of something special, experiencing something unusual, to wander on the eastern markets

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